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Why settle for less?

If you are thinking of selling your car to one of the online car buying sites but feel your car is worth more than what they offer then MotorTradeAuction may be the site for you.

Designed to offer a facility to connect private buyers like yourself with the end retailer and cutting out the middlemen.

We offer your car directly to motor dealers across the country through a web based auction specifically for the motor trade.

Offering your car to many competing dealers through Motortradeauction could get you hundreds of pounds more than selling quickly to the likes of WeBuyAnyCar…

Online car buying sites know that it can be difficult to sell privately so they try to buy your car for as little money as possible; they then send it to auction, making a profit from you! The auction will then also make money from you by selling it at a profit to a motor dealer.

MotorTradeAuction put you directly in touch with that final buyer, cutting out the need for the other two, and putting all the money back into your pocket!

Why settle for less?

Their tactics are quite straight forward, initially they offer an inflated value in order to tempt you in inviting them to view the car, then, once they are at your door they proceed to knock the value down (for their profit!) by picking out items you may not have declared on the initial enquiry. For some this may be an ideal way to raise cash quickly but for many this is an expensive decision.

With us, you could be hundreds of pounds better off than through a quick-sale online car buyer, so if you've got time, don’t settle for less!

Easy listing

Listing your car with us couldn't be easier, simply enter your reg number and the MotorTradeAuction ‘Look Up’ system pulls all the relevant data from the DVLA for your vehicle! It's then as simple as filling in additional information using drop down boxes!

We also give you the facility of adding up to 20 photos of your car – we even quality check them to make sure they aren't upside down or blurry!

(See our Guide to Getting the Best Offer).

Our interactive damage report gives the easiest possible way to let the dealers know if there are any bumps or scrapes on your car – and a picture or two showing the damage doesn't always hurt! Be honest and upfront about any damage, big or small, that way, the dealer won’t have to adjust the offer when they come to collect the car!

Every advert is personally reviewed by MotorTradeAuction staff who all have years of motor trade experience! So if something doesn't look quite right, we’ll let you know! After all, as trade experts, we know what the motor dealers are looking for when they are buying stock!

As the value of a vehicle can change from day to day Motortradeauction will check the latest trends and guide values etc to offer you a recommended reserve price for your auction listing. This means that the car may not be sold for any less than the reserve that you choose. Please remember this value is only a recommendation and you can lower it or increase it, it’s your decision.

At MotorTradeAuction, we aim to have your car sold within 72 hours!

If for some reason it doesn't, we re-assess your advert and see why it may not have been sold; we will then re-list the car for another 72 hours FREE OF CHARGE. We will also widen our search for suitable buyers. Don't be disheartened if the vehicle does not sell straight away, we are always working to get the best possible deal for you!

Follow our Example Listing to see what we think makes a good advert and how to make more money from your car!

What we do

MotorTradeAuction are working for you the minute you submit your vehicle details! Our team of trade experts review your advert as soon as it comes through, checking everything from price to photos!

Your listing won't go live until one of the team has personally checked it is the best it can be! If it's not, we will let you know and advise on how to make it better! With our recommended reserve you won't undervalue your car and lose out on money that could go into your pocket! Remember you can place any reserve you wish but bidding generally ‘hots’ up once the reserve is met.

As soon as the listing is live, we really get to work, offering your car to all the suitable dealers within our database! We have worked extensively to build the database ensuring we don't just offer your car to anyone, but we offer it to the right dealers that may be interested in buying your car. We call and email suitable dealers suggesting they take a look at your vehicle and we try our best to ensure your car sells within the 72 hour listing!

If your listing falls just short of your reserve amount, we will negotiate on your behalf with the highest bidding dealer, to get a better offer if possible, if the offer is not acceptable you can re-list for another 72 hours FREE OF CHARGE.

Get the best offer

To get the best offer for your car, you need a complete and clear listing of your vehicle, ensuring all the correct information has been supplied, the photos are clear and not blurry or upside down, and detail any damage! If the car has been correctly listed, there should be no reason whatsoever that the offer price isn't what you receive when the dealer comes to collect your car!

Don't worry about putting dealers off, they would rather know what they are buying before they get to you, rather than to have a nasty surprise they hadn't planned for when bidding on the car!

(See our Guide to Getting the Best Offer)

With MotorTradeAuction there is no need to sit by the phone or constantly check your listing, no contact information will be passed over until the auction has ended and the final bid has been placed! No hassle from dealers asking dozens of questions and having to repeat yourself each time.

Once everything has finished and the auction has been won, we supply you and the highest bidder each others’ contact details so you can arrange the best time for collection.

Finalise the deal

Once everything is complete, it’s time to finalise the deal! Arrange the best time for the dealer to visit you – they may even offer you more money if you take the car to them, but that's a discussion for you and them! Once they have viewed the vehicle, they will settle any outstanding finance and as long as this is below the bid amount they will give you the balance. If there is any shortfall this is down to you to clear!

As long as you have been upfront with your listing, and described everything in full detail – you'll then receive what the dealer bid for your car! Make sure you have all the relevant documentation for the car ready for the dealer to take away with them, ensuring a speedy process – no running around looking for that missing log book!

We've even put together a handover guide for you that we email you once the auction has finished so you are fully prepared for the sale!

All that's left to do is figure out how you'll spend the money!