What's my car worth?

There are no hard and fast rules on car values, the truth is your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Here at MTA we don't give automated values because we believe the only way to find out the 'real' value is to offer your vehicle to the end retailer and not the middleman.


Why do you charge £26.50?

We charge £26.50 because we work to achive the best price we can for our sellers. We do this by assessing the details of the vehicle and it's potantial value.
We then notify buyers looking for that type of vehicle to bid.

Whereas online car buying sites make hundreds we only charge £26.50 and our sellers make the rest.
Welcome to Motor Trade Auctions.

If you’re not in a mad hurry to sell your car or you’ve tried to sell it privately and had no joy then www.motortradeauction.com is the site for you!

We contact motor trade dealers across the country to bid for your car in an online auction ensuring you get the best cash offer available.

For just £26.50 we’ll actively work on your behalf to get you a better offer than the online car buying sites like WeBuyAnyCar...

There are no guarantees of course, however with a little bit of homework from you and our expertise we’re confident it’ll be worth the effort.


Would you like to advertise your business here?

Why not advertise your business here, many of our clustomers haven't chosen a new car yet!


Why you should use MotorTradeAuction compared to online car buying sites

Online Car Buyers:
1. Buy your car for a low price
2. They sell it at auction for a profit
3. The auction then sell it to a dealer for an auction fee
Skip all these stages by offering your car to the selling dealer and puts the profit that would have been made by online car buying sites and the auction fees back in your pocket!

Need to sell quickly?